AVATRINA Competes at the XPRIZE Semifinals

On September 15-19, Team AVATRINA competed at the XPRIZE semifinals in Miami, Florida, USA. Ultimately the system performed extremely well and we are pleased with how the competition played out! It was a bit of a logistical whirlwind to ship the equipment to the convention center and travel during the COVID pandemic. Seven team members ….  Read More

Best Demo at CSL Student Conference 2021

For 2 years in a row, our team won the best robotics demonstration award at UIUC’s Coordinated Sciences Lab (CSL) Student Conference. Congrats to the team for putting this together. Here is the demo video that entered the conference:

Best Demo at CSL Student Conference 2020

At UIUC’s Coordinated Sciences Lab (CSL) Student Conference, our TRINA group won the best demo prize! Congrats to Joao, Yifan, and Jaejun for putting this together. Although we weren’t able to take great photos during the event, the following photos show the robot in its current state.

Fall 2019 UIUC Team photo

Back Row: Johnny Chang, Tianzhen Li, Eric Zhang, Joao Marques, Kris Hauser (PI), WoonJoon Lee, Peter Chiu, Aman Kishore, Bassel Abu, Yuecheng Li Front Row: Hayne Kim, Phoebe Chen, Yifan Zhu, JaeJun Park, Rohan